The AMA Consulting Agency is Texas AMA’s official student-run marketing agency! We connect our intelligent, enthusiastic, and eager-to-learn members to startups, nonprofits, and companies around Austin who need a few extra marketing hands.

The Agency program was created 4 years ago as a way to educate students through biweekly workshops, teach marketing skills through real projects with real clients, and grow our connection with the Austin community. Agency members get the chance to learn-by-doing and gain some of the industry’s most valuable skills, including but not limited to: social media strategy, competitive analysis, market research, campaign pitching and building, guerilla marketing, content creation and graphic design, event marketing, and community, ambassador, and influencer outreach programs.


Spring 2022 Applications are now closed.

Check back in the fall for opportunities to join Consulting agency!

For clients: If you are a prospective Agency client, the Fall semester spots are currently filled, but please don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire about becoming a client for the Spring semester of 2022. 



Guayakí Yerba Mate got its start in 1996 on the Cal Poly University campus when Argentinian Alex Pryor first introduced yerba mate to Californian David Karr. Fast friends and ultimately ‘soul brothers,’ the pair realized there was a need for a nourishing source of energy and, with a healthy dose of optimism, set out to share yerba mate with the world. Today, Guayakí Yerba Mate are serving p yerba mate culture and connecting with communities worldwide.

Jaime’s Spanish Village Salsas

Spanish Village was a restaurant in downtown Austin that opened in 1931 across the street from Stubb’s BBQ. In the 70’s Jaime and his family immigrated from Mexico to Austin and bought the restaurant making it Jaime’s Spanish Village. Jaime’s was synonymous with good food, great margaritas, and even better salsa. The restaurant was extremely popular amongst UT students, Capitol politicians, and Tex Mex lovers. Their salsas were one of the first on the shelves of Wholefoods’ flagship store in Austin. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed down in 2010 however they are keeping the Jaime’s name alive by selling the salsas.

Bubble Insurance

Bubble helps you protect your home and loved ones. They offer flexible financial products like Home and Life insurance together, to ensure the future of your dependents is secure. Bubble’s mission is to be the simplest, fastest, and most convenient way for people to protect themselves, their family, their property, and personal belongings for complete peace of mind.


Thoyen is a one-stop app that offers services from apartment cleaning to textbook selling to food delivery and beyond – all by students near you. It’s like Doordash, Taskrabbit, Favor, Facebook Marketplace, and UT Buy/Sell/Trade/Free…combined! Thoyen has successfully launched on campuses such as USC, A&M, and UH, and they’re ready to take UT by storm and of course, by the horns.

Project Xylem

Project Xylem wants to change the way we decommission oil rigs after their current life and protect the artificial reefs that have formed below them. They build sustainable hydroponic greenhouses on abandoned oil platforms that are solar-powered and use a closed-loop system.


Agency Director: Alisha Gupta

Email: [email protected]