Finding your place in an organization can sometimes feel overwhelming or scary. In Texas AMA, it doesn’t matter what level, stage, or classification you are in we have a place for you! Here are just a few groups that you might find yourself falling into:


Is this you?
Maybe you’re uncertain about marketing, or you’re really focused on getting that 4.0, or you just want to meet new people. AMA offers mentorship and family programs that will help you find your niche at UT and learn about what the marketing world entails.

We recommend you explore:

Family & Mentorship Programs
Community Service & Social Events


Is this you?
You are coming fresh off from high school knowing for certain that marketing is what you want to do. You are ready to dive into Texas AMA by joining and attending all the activities and becoming one of the most active members. You are also looking to learn new skills and meet new people to really help kickstart your marketing career.

We recommend you explore:
Interactive Speaker Series
Company Tours


Is this you?
Maybe you have already been at UT for a while and are already studying marketing or pursuing a career in it. You are looking to fine tune those technical skills, network with big companies and improve your leadership qualities.

We recommend you explore:
Professional Development
The AMA Agency Group