As a marketing student, we’re expected to be outstandingly tech-savy, creative and resourceful with how we portray our ideas. You can have a great marketing strategy and plan, but if your presentation of it is sub-par, it can lose a lot of its value. While some of us may be gifted in web design, graphic design or photography, for those of us who aren’t, there’s some great FREE online resources to help us out! Check ’em out below and comment your favorite free tool!

Web Design


Wix is great for creating website mock-ups on the fly. Create an account, browse through their awesome free templates, and start creating! Having a mock-up of your website idea is a great way to portray your thoughts and ideas as well as wow your audience!




While creating mock-ups, social posts, and more for our marketing campaigns, it’s pretty common that we need high-resolution, stunning photographs. One great resource is Unsplash. They offer completely free high-res photos for commercial use. There photos are very artsy and compelling and guaranteed to make a good impression on your audience.

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Pixlr is a great online photo editing software. You can use their free web version or download a free trial of their desktop app. This is great for taking an ordinary image and making it stunning! Pixlr also has online tutorials on how to get the most out of their product.

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The Noun Project:

Need an icon? The noun project has got you covered! Their easy-to-use icon generator is great for making logos in a time crunch. The best part? There’s tons of free ones! And the paid ones are pretty cheap as well.

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Do you have a love of fonts? Well chances are that you’ve probably heard of already then! If not, its great! They have thousands of fonts free to download for personal use. It comes in handy when trying to make interesting text-overlayed images or logos for your marketing needs.

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After you’ve downloaded your 100+ fonts from, chances are you’re going to have trouble deciding which font to use for what. Instead of going through and trying each font individually, you can just upload your fonts to and they will show the text you input in each of your fonts! It’s a designer’s heaven.

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Graphic Design


Need a compelling image to tie your presentation together? Can’t find the perfect Pinterest-worthy image? Canva is a great way to overlay text and make simple designs, especially for social! It’s completely free, and they have tons of templates ready for you to use.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.15.22 AM


Piktochart is an easy infographic, report and presentation creator. They have tons of free templates for you to use. Creating an infographic used to take hours, now it can be done in minutes with Piktochart!

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Article by Rachel D.

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