In honor of Marketing Week, Texas AMA was pleased to host marketing representative, Alexandra Medina from Eli Lilly. Eli Lilly is a pharmaceutical company based in Indianapolis that has been in business for over 100 years. Alexandra provided insight about the company, including the different corporate offices based in seven different countries and the current 34,000 employees involved in working at Eli Lilly.

AMA hosted Eli Lilly employee, Alexandra Medina, to further describe her day-to-day work as a marketing representative and discuss the company’s summer internship program held in Indianapolis. This internship includes seven different marketing units, all of which are comprised of digital marketing, professional development, and beneficial networking. Eli Lilly also offers interns the opportunity to complete one rotation of global marketing and one rotation of US marketing to acquire different experiences

Eli Lilly’s primary goal is to create medicine that makes life better for people around the world. Their global values include integrity, excellence, and respect for people of all cultures and economic status. The company formerly produced pharmaceuticals primarily for diabetic needs, but has now expanded its products to oncology, neuroscience, and many other fields for a broaden impact. While increasing its product line and areas of involvement, Eli Lilly has also used its resources to give patients global access through digital marketing. Digital transformation has been critical in learning how to listen, adapt, and respond to the change in customer needs. During the pandemic, Eli Lilly had to step up and help people in new ways by taking immediate action and developing new strategies to help patients with their medical needs in our ever-changing world.

Our speaker also discussed her time here at UT where she earned her masters at the McCombs Business School. When asked the question of what her best advice would be for the students in AMA, she answered

“Learning how to work in a team and knowing how to prioritize the important things will lead you far in life and allow you to thrive in your career.”

Ms. Alexandra Medina, Marketing Representative

In conclusion, Made for Marketing Week is off to a great start for AMA members thanks to our speaker and Eli Lilly for providing an insightful and enlightening presentation.

Article by Caroline Bullers

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