On September 20th, Texas AMA had the pleasure of hosting representatives from Accenture to provide AMA members with insight on working at Accenture, the application and interview process, and student opportunities. Accenture is a global professional services firm, specializing in strategy, management, digital, technology, and operations consulting. It has 55,000 employees spread across 45 cities, 5 market units, and 11 multidisciplinary Innovation Hubs.

AMA invited Accenture employees Ms. Heidi Moncivaiz (Campus Recruiter), Ms. Lauren Thomas (Consulting Development Analyst), and Ms. Gabriela Clossick (Digital Marketing Strategy Specialist) to speak to the culture and opportunities present at Accenture. They shared their perspectives on the versatility and dynamic nature of of the consulting industry.

“Consulting is exciting and different because most consulting companies will work across all industries instead of being honed in on one particular project. We have work across so many different experiences without having to be limited to one company or field.”

– Ms. Heidi Moncivaiz, Campus Recruiter for Accenture

The speakers also provided members with valuable advice on the Accenture interview process. Ms. Thomas, who has been at Accenture for 3 months as a new Consulting Development Analyst, mentioned being drawn to Accenture by their creativity in thought demonstrated during the interview process.

“Some questions asked in the interviews were ‘What do you think about our technologies? What do you think about merging with specific companies?’ Pay attention to how companies treat you during an interview.”

– Ms. Lauren Thomas, Consulting Development Analyst

The speakers answered various questions from AMA members about work-life balance and flexibility at Accenture, opportunities for growth, and building a resume as a college student. When asked about their most fulfilling projects at their company, Ms. Clossick mentioned her experience with hosting a new technology overview session for a client.

“[I hosted] a Metaverse session for the CMO of a huge company. Facebook had just changed to Meta. [It was] such an awesome experience, I had to learn really quickly what the Metaverse was and now I’ve been helping clients.

– Ms. Gabriela Clossick, Digital Marketing Strategy Specialist

Overall, AMA members enjoyed an informative and insightful presentation as well as cookies from Tiff’s Treats during this interactive speaker session with Accenture.

Article by Triambika Dinakaran

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