Some college students love learning for the sake of learning.

For the students who want to learn something extra and have some free time on their hands, perhaps it’s time to look at your online options.

Here are five unique, inspiring, and beneficial classes anyone can take in their spare time–free of charge!

Entrepreneurship—From Idea to Launch

This class is offered by Udemy. This course is composed of more than 32 lectures and 10 exercises. The class “provides a series of lectures that can guide an aspiring entrepreneur through the steps that will greatly increase their chances for successfully turning their idea into a successful business.”

Personal Finance

This eight-class Missouri State University course can be found on both iTunes U and YouTube though Open Culture, a site that allows you to search for free online classes by topic, then directs you to all available formats. The class is composed of videos and covers topics such as personal saving, credit, and retirement planning.

Code Academy

This course helps students learn to code through an interactive program. It’s simple to follow, and has a progress bar so you can see how far you’ve gotten in the course. For anyone who wants to learn the basics, or even some more complicated aspects of coding, Code Academy has a course for you… and it’s free!

Designing Your Life

This class is offered by MIT OpenCourseWare. The site explains that virtually all of the content from every class at the university is offered there. Designing Your Life is intended to provide an “exciting, eye-opening, and thoroughly useful inquiry into what it takes to live an extraordinary life, on your own terms” and to “address what it takes to succeed, to be proud of your life, and to be happy in it.” This class includes lecture notes, assignments, and other downloadable course material.

Branding, Content & Social Media

This course is taught by Christine O’Malley at Ohio State. Although McCombs offers many marketing classes, even ones that cover this specific topic, this course is perfect for those of us who haven’t gotten to the marketing classes in our degree plan yet! This course, in its entirety, is available for free on Itunes here.

Comment your favorite online courses below or if you have any experience with these!

Article by Rachel D.

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