Hi! I’m a junior Marketing and Plan II major from Potomac, Maryland. It’s great to finally be back on campus, and I can’t wait to see everyone in person. Outside of AMA, I love exploring different coffee shops, swimming holes, and trying new restaurants in Austin. Reach out if you ever want to grab coffee or a bite to eat.


Vice President of Communications

Hi! I’m a senior Marketing major born in Austin, Texas. I’m passionate about people, storytelling, the global water crisis, and green curry fried rice. I love exploring Austin’s unmatched (!!!) food scene, singing, running my photography business with my sisters (@pcthedavids hehe), and DUH– Texas AMA. Let’s be friends!


AMA Consulting Agency Director

I am a sophomore double majoring in Business Honors and Marketing, minoring in Business Analytics with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I started a job at Sorensen Impact Investing Firm, work for an organization called Humanity Rising on Marketing and Outreach, and lead the What Cause Inspires You podcast.


Vice President of Business Development

I’m a senior (I don’t know how) Public Relations major from Houston. I am the guy to talk to about Marvel movies + shows, places to eat, and places to thrift. I’m excited to see all the new people in AMA this year!


Vice President of Member Experience

Hey friends! I’m a fourth year marketing major from El Paso, Texas. I’ve always believed that people are the best version of themselves when they are surrounded by those who are welcoming and share the same passions. I cannot wait to help bring the community of AMA together this year alongside my team! Outside of AMA, I love trying new restaurants in Austin, traveling around the world, and sharing hope, knowledge, and charity with Texas4000.


Vice President of Event Management

Hi! I am a senior Public Relations major with a certificate in Creative Writing & minor in Entrepreneurship. I love that marketing is multidimensional & provides exciting challenges on both the creative and analytical sides. Outside of AMA I can be found on a run/walk, exploring Austin, listening to a good podcast – or all three!



Finance Officer

Hi I’m Sanj! I’m a junior Marketing major from Dallas, TX pursuing an MIS minor and Digital Arts and Media certificate. I love coffee, traveling, and warm weather. Also always down to go swimming or have evening picnics. I am so excited to meet everyone at AMA this semester.


Membership Officer

Hi there! I’m a Marketing senior sponsored by Spotify and various coffee/boba shops. Always excited to meet new people and talk about digital marketing, food recommendations, and all things music!


Corporate Relations Officer

Hi! I’m a sophomore Communications & Leadership and Business double major from Dallas, TX. AMA has given me so much experience in marketing and I can’t wait to be even more involved this year! I also enjoy dancing, singing, thirfting, listening to music, traveling, and exploring new restaurants in Austin:)

Katie Monaghan Tech Officer


Technology Officer

Hey y’all! I’m a junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in MIS. I’m so excited to combine my love for marketing and tech in AMA this semester. In my free time you will find me going on walks, at the UT turtle pond, dancing, studying at coffee shops, and perfecting my Spotify playlists. Reach out and let’s be friends!


Member Programs Officer

Hello! I am a junior Marketing major with an interdisciplinary certificate in Ethics and Leadership in Business. In my spare time, I love exploring Austin, finding new restaurants/dessert places to eat with friends.


Graphic Design Officer

I am a second-year Marketing major and Management Information Systems minor born and raised in the heart of Austin, Texas. I’m passionate about all things Austin, crime shows, fashion, music, and graphic design. You can find me taking pictures of everything in my free time – from aesthetic meals to beautiful murals. People who know me would probably say I like to sing and joke around a lot, if not too much. Let’s make this year AMAzing!


Creative Content Officer

Hello! I am a second year Marketing major from DTX. Outside of school, I have a passion for stroytelling through art and creative writing, connecting to others, givng back to the community, self-expression through fashion and makeup, trying new ice cream places, and dogs!

Community Service Officer

Hey there! My name is Jared and I am a senior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Finance and certificate in the Business of Healthcare. I enjoy watching TV, hanging with my friends, being outdoors, and playing volleyball. I am also THE (un)official #1 fan of Texas volleyball! Hit me up if you ever want to go to a game.


Social Media Officer

Hello, I am a third year Marketing major born in Denton, TX. I love all things food, fun, & fashion. My passion for marketing comes from my love for stories and storytelling. Stories are human and bring people together, which is why I belive the most successful marketers are storytellers.


Professional Development Officer

Hi hi! I am a third year Marketing major from Houston, Texas! I love dancing and performing in plays and just listening to good music while baking in my free time! I LOVE Texas AMA and am so excited to be an officer this year!


Engagement Officer

Hey y’all! I’m a senior marketing student with a minor in government from Tallahassee, FL. #outofstate Austin is such a cool city, and I am always down to try new activities or foods. I joined AMA last semester as an Account Manager and had a blast working with my team to create a final deliverable and presentation. I am so excited to serve as the Engagement Officer this fall, and I look forward to connecting with more AMA members!


Operations Officer

Heyy:) I am a sophomore COLA student from Houston and am new to Austin! Personally, I love tech, marketing, and product design because of all the creativity I get to put into my work. Outside of school, I love watching Netflix and listening to music allll day long – I look forward to being apart of this close-knit team!


Sponsorship Officer

Hi! I’m a third-year Marketing major from Austin, TX! You can always count on me to be baking and/or eating cookies, brownies, banana bread, or anything sweet!! I love playing tennis, watching scary movies, sewing, doing embroidery, and flying kites at Zliker Park!