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Put on some oven mitts, our weekly scoop is coming in hot….

Don’t get burned.

Hello from the marketing side — at the Grammys, you saw everything from Adele’s five-win dominance to Beyoncé’s dazzling chair stunt. But did you catch the masterful marketing campaign Mastercard rolled out leading up to the big show? Check out Forbes’ take on why the campaign was so successful here.

Of course, the #GRAMMYs wouldn’t be the #GRAMMYs if we didn’t have a way to gossip about Cee Lo Green’s Ferrero Rocher bit. That’s why the social media gods gave us Twitter:



Likewise, the Grammys marketing guys are also probably thanking the Twitter gods for basically doing their jobs for them. Check out Billboard’s compilation of the hit celebrity tweets that created all the #GRAMMYs buzz here.

In more romantic (or depressing, depending on your relationship status) news, V-Day happened and we’re in love with eHarmony’s marketing campaign. Find out more about how they went old school with a lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day cards gig.

For the Slackers

In case you missed the last AMA event….

Do you want to learn how to establish more client relationship? Do you want to become a better salesman? Roger Dooley, an engineer turned into a marketing consultant and an author, came and talked about neuromarketing. Wait, what the *$!# is neuromarketing? Well, according to the it’s brain influence + 

marketing. But it’s actually quite useful to have an idea about this because after all, marketing is all about persuading people to want you stuff. In order to do so you need to know some psychology behind purchasing behavior. Some of the key takeaways from the speaker are 1) you need to make things as simple as possible for customers, and 2) always socialization goes first before persuasion, because by socializing you get to know what they need even more!

Interested in learning more about our speaker? Check out his blog here, and follow him on twitter (@rogerdooley)!


What to say when your family asks why you don’t have a job….

I’m working on it. No worries – there’s an internship somewhere out there for you. Do you have a deep passion for food? Are you digitally savvy with knowledge of SEO and website creation? If yes to both,  Key Ingredient wants you in their Marketing soup (and will pay you for it)! Are you basically Twitter famous? Good news! T3 is interested in hiring you for that extensive social media knowledge. Want to go Global? HTS needs an intern to work with their Global Marketing Director. Going global is something GBJ   wants for you too, at their #1 agency. Are you a Junior or Senior who feels so behind on that internship grind? Trans Ova Genetics specifically wants you. Stay tuned for more jobs that will give you something to talk about at your next family holiday.

When you want to get loco with the Locals….

Seriously, who doesn’t?

Here are some ways to escape your typical oh-so-boring campus.

More importantly, you can learn some cool stuff and be educated about what is going on in the Austin community. ????

Plus, you get to meet real professionals in the real world.

You’re welcome. ????

Events of the week of 02/16~02/20

Internet of Things and Its Impact on Manufacturing: Thu, Feb 16, 6pm at Galvanize (Free)

Getting Started with WordPress: Thu, Feb 16th, 6:30pm at General Assembly ($35)

Truth is Dead: an encore presentation from Jonathon Morgan: Thu, Feb 16th, 7pm at HomeAway North @ Domain (Free)

SQL bootcamp: Sat, Feb 18th 10am at General Assembly ($150 because it is an all-day event)

Ah, also, don’t forget to shoot us a tweet @texasama and tell us about what you learned at those events. We will be waitin’ for ya.

The Digital Life

Roses are red, Violets are blue….

Adobe and GS&P have a present for you…

Love is literally in the air in San Francisco. U.C. Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) is celebrating the anniversary of Summer of Love with a new exhibition titled “Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia”. Sponsored by Adobe and GS&P, they’re promoting this with a geolocation-based augmented reality app where users can see digital balloon hearts all over the Bay Area. You can release messages into the air and read some that other players have left as well. It’s basically a hippie inspired Pokémon Go game. Check out the vid here!

Spotlight: DIY Marketing

For those of you that want to be Insta famous…

That may not happen. Yet. But, if you would like to get the ball rolling, we found a few tips for you! This Forbes article tells you how to increase your personal (and business) brand awareness, including Instagram stories, live streaming, and influencers. Insta likes = ✔️️.


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