Marketing is already a highly adaptable field. Successful professionals are constantly monitoring customer behavior and modifying their actions accordingly. But with smart phone and tablet usage more widespread than ever before, what does the future of marketing look like? Consumers may be easier to reach, but does that mean that engaging them will be easier as well? Lets brake down how marketing is really going to change in the next century.

More Personalized:  The typical dilemma of marketing is defining and reaching the “average person”. A campaign can only be so effective when its target is not a real person, but rather an archetype. This problem, however, will soon be a thing of the past. Marketing is becoming more specific to individuals, thanks to increased person technology that such as smart phones and tablets that easily gather user information. Custom marketing tactics will bring consumers tailored content for relatable products that they actually are interested in. Effective strategies will now reach their intended targets, resulting in more sales.

More Cross Promotion: Several brands will combine to create lifestyle identities for specific customers. Items from different categories, for instance clothing and music, bought by the same type of customer base will combine their marketing efforts.

Better Quality Will Be Unique Quality: The bar for “good” content marketing is constantly rising. Sooner or later, doing it “better” won’t be enough to excel in the marketing world. Future marketers will have to begin thinking more laterally to reach customers in completely unique ways, rather than doing the same thing better.

However, The Essence of Marketing will Remain Untouched:

Though the way of reaching customers is changing, the essence of marketing will forever remain unchanged. Consumer research and data will always be the most important aspect to examine. Technology will make communication with the customers even easier, the challenge, however, will be effectively leveraging this technology to constantly remain one step ahead of everyone else.

Article by Erin M.

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