The latest AMA Featured Member is Montsi Bonilla!

Why marketing?

I love how marketing allows you to be analytical and creative at the same time. Marketing encompasses so many of my passions like consumer behavior and advertising. I love the “team”aspect of marketing as well, the fact that the career calls for a lot of group coordination and leadership. This career is also vital in all businesses so there is always a need for a marketer, so long as a business wants to progress.

Future plans/how you plan on using marketing in your career?

I would like to work at an advertising agency in the future. I want to do planning/strategy and hopefully work my way up within a company. At one point I would like to be working with a startup, just to learn and experience bringing a local idea to a big company. Down the road I would probably want to work in corporate, to understand and get to learn how that line works and operates.

Any fun facts?

I love all sorts of nuts (particularly almonds, pistachios, and cashews). I am really good at limbo and I’ve been to 25 different countries around the world.

Favorite AMA memory?

Going to the Austin Food Drive! Super fun environment, the workers at the Food Drive blasted music and definitely made it a fun experience while packaging in the assembly line.

Any advice?

Don’t take life too serious, it’ll all turn out how it’s supposed to.


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