1. Marketing = Mingling

We all know that networking is important for every career. But with marketing, that’s part of the job description. Marketing majors are fun, outgoing people who love to make new contacts and try new things.

  1. We accept you for who you are (and value that)

Are you an extrovert? There are numerous roles in marketing for the outgoing, charismatic individual. Positions such as Marketing Manager and Public Relations Specialist could be ideal for those who aren’t afraid to rub elbows with others in the interest of selling a product or improving a company’s image.

Are you an introvert? Just because several marketing positions require an individual with an outgoing personality, doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of positions for you! Quiet, shy individuals can still succeed in marketing in positions such as Market Research Analysts. These roles are vital to marketing team’s success and the perfect place for an introvert.

  1. Really cool internship/job opportunities

Interested in retail? Get involved in fashion marketing. Enjoy Superbowl commercials more than the average joe? Maybe you’ll become a commercial director! Love sports? Be a sports agent. No matter your passion, marketing majors are connected to some of the coolest industries in the world. In the fall semester, we had the head of Front Gate Ticket’s marketing department speak at an AMA meeting and a member ended up getting an internship out of it. As marketing majors, we’ve got lots of connections and can apply our skills to pretty much any industry!

  1. You’ll love the classes

No matter the medium – electronic, print or otherwise – the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, so you’ll study theory and work on plenty of practical applications. Instead of studying an immense amount of details surrounding your degree, you’ll get to literally create your own education, filled with experience solving real-world problems.

  1. Nothing (and we mean nothing) is more fun that brainstorming sessions

Get ready to laugh your way through brainstorming sessions and to feel the satisfaction of bringing a campaign to life. The late night donut runs with your group for a marketing project and the endlessly bad ideas that start streaming around 3am will result in some of the funniest and (least) productive moments of college, but in the end, seeing all your hard work result in a final marketing plan and the great friends you made along the way, it’s totally worth it.

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Article by Rachel D.

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