1. Marketing will require a brand to have a voice

Companies are beginning to realize that customers don’t just want a good product, they want a good brand. To further the brand’s presence, marketers are becoming writers and publishers of tailored content. As marketing majors, the demand for an ability to produce high quality content is increasing. Forbes’ advice for a college marketing major includes having strong blogging or social media experience is a must.

  1. Marketing technologists will become a highly demanded profession

Understanding marketing programs and data gatherers is something that is highly stressed here at McCombs, and for a good reason. We are entering the age of data, and the ability to interpret that data and apply its findings is extremely valuable and becoming a necessity. McCombs offers courses on Information and Analysis and Data Mining for Business Intel that will help prepare us for this changing demand.

  1. Augmented reality and wearable technology will close the gap between online and offline marketing

The increased tracking and data gathering of its customers will allow marketers to create even more personalized interactions to create a sale. It will also allow companies to better keep up with the rapidly changing needs and desires of its customers, creating more tailored and useful products. AMA is a great resource when it comes to learning about this changing trend. With an AMA membership, you will get access to their exclusive webinars, articles and podcasts explaining the technology side of it as well as its implications. UT AMA also has hosted companies such as Front Gate Tickets and Phillips 66 who have discussed their increased use of wearable technology.

Article by Rachel D.

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