Recruiters see tons of resumes every day, and often don’t have time to spend more than a few seconds on each one. Make your resume stand out to recruiters by using these 5 helpful tips to land that first interview for your dream job!

  1. Proper Formatting

One thing a lot of people make a mistake with on their resume is formatting. Make sure your resume is easy to read with appropriate font style in black, and is organized by sections e.g. education, work experience, awards, etc. Be sure to keep the spacing consistent throughout the page, so that sections aren’t too close together or leave too much white space. Keep names of companies you worked for and organizations you’re in bolded, and italicize your position. One of the biggest things is to limit your resume to only ONE page, a recruiter will not want to read any more!

  1. Strong Action Verbs

For every position that you have held, find a strong action verb to use that will convey to the recruiter what exactly you have done. Try not to use the same verb more than once in your resume either so that you can showcase your wide variety of experience. If there are skills on the job description for the role you are applying to, use those to tailor what you have done to fit the company’s needs.

  1. Not Just What You Did, But What You Accomplished

This is definitely something you need to do for your resume for it to stand out. Rather than listing just your position descriptions, explain what you have accomplished that the person before you probably hadn’t. Since we are students, they do not expect for you to have achieved millions of dollars in revenue, but perhaps you improved something within the company you’re interning for or within your student organization. Doing this shows not only that you can do the job but that it is evident that you will go above and beyond what is expected of you in your role.

  1. Use Numbers

While you are explaining what you have accomplished on your resume, try to incorporate as many numbers and measurements as you can. For example, if you increased likes on your student organization’s Facebook page from 100 to 150 likes, you can say “Increased Facebook page likes by 50%.” Having measurements is important so that you can show recruiters exactly what impact you have made, and when you’re offered the first interview, you are able to go into more detail of how you achieved those results.

  1. Relevant Interests

This section is a bit more flexible than the others. List interests that could relate to the position you are applying for, while also listing interests that show your personality. For example, if you are applying to a sports marketing position, you could list sports that you have played. You obviously have a life outside of work and organizations, so don’t be afraid to show the recruiter what you love doing and what your passions are. If you have already met the recruiter and know who will be reading over your resume, use your interests that you think that they may also have.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful for your resume. The most important thing is to be genuine and be yourself!

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