Photography is such a big thing in the world that everywhere you go in a modern day society, you will definitely see some type of photo either on the building, magazines, billboards, household items and etc. So, photography is very important, and here are 10 reasons you should add photography to your skill set!

  1. Exposure: It can expose you to different type of publications that you normally wouldn’t think about. It can also give you the chance to travel internationally and experience different types of culture and traditions.
  2. Creativity: Your perspective on things will slowly start to change and give you new ways to look at something with a different point of view. This could help you with other aspects of your life, such as applying this to your job in some type of way. You could also find new and more creative ways to appeal to an audience and or a certain group of people through photography.
  3. Freedom: With photography, you have the right to do what you want and when you want to do it. You won’t be on anyone’s time schedule but your own. You can take pictures of anything and everything of your liking, which in the process can help you have certain things done the way that you like.
  4. Appreciation: You gain value for the world that you live in. With photography, the world becomes more important and you will cherish it more than you ever did.
  5. Expressive: With photography you can express yourself anyway you want to. Photography lets you see the photographer heart and soul of their work. Sometimes, the photo can even contain so many more emotions then we can imagine.
  6. Never-Ending: Photography is never ending and will continue to evolve and become better, side to side with society.
  7. Attention Grabber: Photos are good at grabbing people’s attention. If you can make a person look twice at your photo… you’re doing it right.
  8. Adventurous: It really goes hand and hand with exposure, but photography also helps you focus on the travel and the adventures that are a part of photography.
  9. Universal: It’s as simple as one photo in country can be understood without any words in another country.
  1. Fun: It’s just plain fun to do. There is so much you can do with it, that it’s almost endless fun and there’s tons of opportunities out there.

Article by Chris C.

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