The AMA Agency Group is Texas AMA’s official student-run marketing agency! We connect our intelligent, enthusiastic, and eager-to-learn members to startups, nonprofits, and companies around Austin who need a few extra marketing hands.

The Agency program was created 4 years ago as a way to educate students through biweekly workshops, teach marketing skills through real projects with real clients, and grow our connection with the Austin community. Agency members get the chance to learn-by-doing and gain some of the industry’s most valuable skills, including but not limited to: social media strategy, competitive analysis, market research, campaign pitching and building, guerilla marketing, content creation and graphic design, event marketing, and community, ambassador, and influencer outreach programs.

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For students: Applications to be part of the AMA Agency Group are now open! They will close on February 4th, 2020 at 7pm. Decisions will be sent out by February 5th and the program will begin on February 6th. Agency-wide meetings are biweekly on Thursday evenings and run until late April.

Applications are now closed


For clients: If you are a prospective Agency client, the spring semester spots are currently filled, but please don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire about becoming a client for the fall semester of 2020





Who they are: Sugarcane water, though popular in India for its abundance of vitamins, electrolytes, and a stronger hydration potential than water alone, is not as common in America. Bhoomi, which means “Mother Earth” in Sanskrit, is trying to change that by bringing this healthy drink to the organic-loving market of Austin, Texas. By partnering with majority minority family farms in Louisiana, Bhoomi aims to sustainably and equitably provide these nourishing and revitalizing sugarcane beverages to Austin!

Projects they want done: Increase brand awareness through content creation and social media strategy across website and social platforms. Work on projects such as product photography, blog writing, and planning/scheduling/posting on social media. Acquire brand ambassadors as well as “demo givers” (those who can speak about the product in grocery store settings) to increase brand promotion.




Who they are: This event planning and immersive experience creative agency will give you a double-agency experience! They utilize the latest technologies—from AR to VR to holograms and more—in their experiential marketing efforts in order to take fans inside of brands. They work with industries from gaming to e-sports to entertainment to provide memorable and immersive experiences. After just recently opening their new office space in East Austin, they are looking for some excited interns to help them plan, execute, and promote some of their clients’ SXSW activations.

Projects they want done: Assist in the event planning and execution of their experiential marketing popups and activations. Work on paid and unpaid social media strategy, build out ad campaigns, and conduct some event photography and videography. Additionally, work on search engine optimization, Google Analytics, and email marketing (previous experience recommended but not required).




Who they are: Helping people save money and sleep better is what Nova’s all about! This New York-based startup is a premium bed rental company that is catered toward college students.Their mattresses have temperature-controlled technology integrated into the memory foam and their move-in/move-out process is seamless. Their goal (besides getting people interested in renting mattresses) is to engage and empower students, and in fact, they are working with a few other student agency groups to launch on campuses across the country.

Projects they want done: Help Nova emerge into the Austin and UT Austin market through the use of market research and competitive analysis. Dive into community outreach by talking to student organizations and recruiting brand ambassadors who will be Nova advocates. Assist with content creation and social media maintenance.




Who they are: This nonprofit, created by former First Lady Laura Bush, brings business and conversation together to promote environmentalism all throughout the Lone Star State. They have three main program offerings: as Conservation Wrangler (program to support 6 conversation projects across Texas throughout a year), TxN Certification (certification to reward the conservation efforts of individuals and organizations alike), and TxN Symposia (series of talks that connects experts, scholars, policy makers, and citizens to speak about key conservation topics).

Projects they want done: Elevate awareness of Texan by Nature, effectively market their various program offerings, and aim to increase sales of their branded merchandise. Utilize skills such as social media strategy, paid digital advertising, guerilla marketing, and more to promote conservation efforts all throughout Texas.




Who they are: A one-stop app that offers services from apartment cleaning to textbook selling to food delivery and beyond – all by students near you. It’s like Doordash, Taskrabbit, Favor, Facebook Marketplace, and UT Buy/Sell/Trade/Free…combined! Thoyen has successfully launched on campuses such as USC, A&M, and UH, and they’re ready to take UT by storm and of course, by the horns.

Projects they want done: Conduct an activation campaign to get the app to take off on UT’s campus. Create brand awareness through community outreach (word of mouth, brand ambassador acquisition, partnering with student orgs), social media promotion, and guerilla marketing to get as many students signed up and aware of Thoyen’s services as possible.




Sanjana Marepally
Agency Director