The AMA Agency Group is Texas AMA’s official student-run marketing agency! We connect our intelligent, enthusiastic, and eager-to-learn members to startups, nonprofits, and companies around Austin who need a few extra marketing hands.

The Agency program was created 3 years ago as a way to educate students through biweekly workshops, teach them marketing skills through real projects with real clients, and grow our connection with the Austin community. Agency members get the chance to learn-by-doing and gain some of the industry’s most valuable skills, including (but not limited to): social media strategy, competitive analysis, market research, campaign pitching and building, guerilla marketing, content creation and graphic design, event marketing, and community, ambassador, and influencer outreach programs.



Application for Fall 2019 Agency group is closed now.
The program will start on September 12th and have biweekly meetings until late November. If you are a prospective Agency client, the fall semester spots are currently filled, but please don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire about becoming a spring semester client.

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Who they are: Rock on! This organization sells online music lesson packages from incredible teachers and musicians from around the world. The lessons are affordable, the teachers are qualified, and the organization can even lend you an instrument to use if you don’t have one of your own! Best of all, for every lesson purchased, they donate a lesson to a child in foster care.

Projects: Increase brand awareness through content creation and social media strategy across their website and social platforms. Acquire brand ambassadors and local UT/Austin musicians who could contribute to the program or promote the brand.



Who they are: A startup created by a 2018 UT alum with two platforms, Seekr Events and Seekr Experiences, that help achieve their core mission of building community in Austin. The first platform builds community in local apartment complexes through fun and engaging events, and the second provides curated experiences from local Austinites, letting people play tourist in their own city! Learn about how they got started on our AMA blog: click here

Projects: Content creation (in terms of flyers, social media copy, blog posts, etc.) to promote both the Events side and the Experiences side of Seekr. Event marketing to form connections and plan events to host at local apartment complexes.



Who they are: This social network for good, founded by the co-founder of P Terry’s, Kathy Terry. InLieu is the Venmo for donating. This social network allows users to donate to any nonprofit U.S, on behalf of a friend. ~in lieu~ of giving a gift, donate to your friends favorite cause. Check out this article written about them in Vogue: click here

Projects: User acquisition and user retention. Partner with other relevant organizations on campus who hold the same brand values as inLieu. Build social campaigns from the ground up (pitch multiple ideas) and execute them with the relevant copy, design, and marketing strategy.



Who they are: A one-stop app that offers services from apartment cleaning to textbook selling to food delivery and beyond – all by students near you. It’s like Doordash, Taskrabbit, Favor, Facebook Marketplace, and UT Buy/Sell/Trade/Free…combined! Thoyen has successfully launched on campuses such as USC, A&M, and UH, and they’re ready to take UT by storm and of course, by the horns.

Projects: Activation campaign to get the app to take off on UT’s campus. Create brand awareness through social media strategy as well as guerilla marketing to get as many students signed up and aware of the app as possible. Additionally, build a brand ambassador program to get students to partner with Thoyen.



Who they are: Helping people eat healthier, live more sustainably, and spend less time waiting around at grocery stores – it’s what Gardenio does best! Their product, growboxes, contain everything you need to start growing your own food, even from a dorm or an apartment. Each container comes with a plant, the right soil for it, and a how-to guide, all delivered fresh to your doorstep! They aim to promote sustainability, healthy living, and a love of gardening to all.

Projects: Community outreach and guerilla marketing to build brand awareness with a focus on acquiring influencers who can promote their service. Build social following through content creation, social media strategy, SEO, and paid digital advertising.



Mira McKee
Agency Director