We are a “student”-run marketing agency. I say “student” because we are much more than that. We are marketing enthusiasts, the crazy and the curious. We are creative engineers not afraid to grab life by the (long)horns.

The agency allows members the opportunity to get their hands on some real world marketing experience.

Think of this as your introduction to agency life, an extension of some of your marketing classes, an opportunity to explore what marketing is, and a glimpse into a future marketing career.

You’ll get the chance to learn-by-doing and gain some of the industry’s most valuable skills, including (but not limited to) competitive analysis, event marketing and promotion, market research, social media strategy and campaign building, branding and logo design, and community and ambassador outreach programs.


Agency member have been selected for this semester. Check back in the spring for spring applications!

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Who are we working with this year? Read more about the three clients we have this year and what projects we will be working on!


Who they are: Growing luxury truffle brand.

What you should know about them: Chef Owner & Chocolatier Nicole Patel has been named a Top 10 chocolatier in the Americas. Delysia aims to take chocolate to new horizons and push culinary boundaries and are known to be deliciously creative. They use fine quality, sustainable chocolate and the freshest ingredients. Everything is handmade in their Austin-based Culinary Center. They collaborate with local beloved establishments to bring you a taste of Austin within chocolate. (They’ve had P.Terry’s juicy cheeseburger and Jo’s Coffee turbo espresso flavored chocolate.) They’ve been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, InStyle, The Austin Chronicle, and more.

Projects: Social media (strategy, campaigns, content creation, and management)


Who they are: Energy efficiency consulting company.

What you should know about them: They provide businesses products and services to eliminate the challenges of reducing utility expenses before, during and after the execution of an energy audit and development of an energy saving project proposal. Their mission is to ensure our clients are equipped with the best information, negotiating leverage and guidance as they seek to reduce their operating expenses.

Projects: Analytics & strategy, branding, website copy & content, SEO, marketing collateral & presentation decks


Who they are: Artificial Intelligence (AI) company.

What you should know about them: They are ranked 20th in CNBC’S Top 50 Disrupter List of 2017 and are Austin’s fastest growing start-up. Their software makes sense of streams of data that contain untold wealth. They build unparalleled intelligence for businesses and their AI platform is second to none. Its cognitive infrastructure can: think like a skilled Vibration Analyst and forecast equipment failures 20x sooner than before, read tens of thousands of pages of aircraft maintenance manuals to predict problems and prescribe solutions, can reason like a Cyber Security expert and automatically research unknown threats.

Projects: Content creation with digital strategy analysis, SEO, competitive & market analyses with buyer personas, promotion strategy, brand awareness & social media presence, event marketing


Kelly Coverick
Account Executive