The AMA Consulting Agency is Texas AMA’s official student-run marketing agency! We connect our intelligent, enthusiastic, and eager-to-learn members to startups, nonprofits, and companies around Austin who need a few extra marketing hands.

The Agency program was created 4 years ago as a way to educate students through biweekly workshops, teach marketing skills through real projects with real clients, and grow our connection with the Austin community. Agency members get the chance to learn-by-doing and gain some of the industry’s most valuable skills, including but not limited to: social media strategy, competitive analysis, market research, campaign pitching and building, guerilla marketing, content creation and graphic design, event marketing, and community, ambassador, and influencer outreach programs.

Download the AMA Consulting Agency introduction e-book below to learn more about who we are and what we do!


Applications for the Fall 2021 AMA Consulting Agency are live!

Please submit your application HERE.

Applications are due by September 10th, 2021 at 11:59 pm. 

For clients: If you are a prospective Agency client, the Fall semester spots are currently filled, but please don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire about becoming a client for the Spring semester of 2021. 



FORA is a social network platform that seeks to make authentic conversations among young adults and college students. They aim to fix issues like Zoom fatigue by using a more Audio-based platform and more VR emojis. They are an up and coming app that is aimed to raise their overall brand awareness.


Jeany’s Ginger Elixir is a Black and Women-owned start-up selling Elixirs and drinks inspired by Jeany’s Jamaican roots. The elixirs make great treats, but also have helpful healing properties.


The search for your perfect car is over with CoPilot. Their curates search engine, expert insights & Analysis, and their currated buy lists makes CoPilot the perfect place to buy your next car! CoPilot will takes all the fuss and research out of purchasing a car and helps you make your choice with confidence.


Thoyen is a one-stop app that offers services from apartment cleaning to textbook selling to food delivery and beyond – all by students near you. It’s like Doordash, Taskrabbit, Favor, Facebook Marketplace, and UT Buy/Sell/Trade/Free…combined! Thoyen has successfully launched on campuses such as USC, A&M, and UH, and they’re ready to take UT by storm and of course, by the horns.


Agency Director: Alisha Gupta

Email: alishagupta@utexas.edu